We as individuals want to own a healthy skin, but hardly do we take care of them. We want to look good for ourselves and for others, but somehow with busy schedule we neglect on that part. Caring of skin is the most significant element of natural beauty and also for the overall good health.

It is extremely necessary to take out some time daily, and work on our skin to keep it soft and healthy. We are here to help you with 8 best skin beauty tips. After implanting these tips, you will notice a gradual positive impact on your skin.



Before stepping out of your house, quickly use sunscreen lotion on your skin and make it a point to apply it daily. This will shield your skin from direct or indirect sun. You can even increase the glow of skin by using many useful antioxidants comprising of Vitamin E and Vitamin C, green tea etc.

Massaging your skin smoothly with gentle exfoliating products will brighten up your skin. Apply the cream in the morning after bath, and at night time.


In order to maintain a good skin, make sure to feed yourself with effectual food, rather than turning to fast foods. Go for 4 to 5 pieces of walnuts and salmon in the morning which includes omega-3 fatty acids thus clashing the wrinkled soreness.

When you eat tomatoes and pink grapefruit with lycopene, you’re safeguarded from strong sunrays. More collagen will be created if you intake spinach and citrus fruits. Evade from having too much sugar.


It is better to wear sunglasses as it covers the below eye surfaces from rays. You can use the glares while going out. Select your glares which include UVA and UVB safety.


Try to lead a stress free life in spite of hectic workload. Your health is influenced by chronic stress at cellular stage pacing towards decline.

Even you’ll gather puckered brows producing shrinks in the skin. Therefore the best way is to do yoga and meditation daily, and also deep breathing exercises in the early morning. Before going to sleep you can also deep-breath and calm down slowly.


You should wash hands and feet with good antiseptic soap like Dettol, Dove etc. and dry it. Then apply moisturizer creams as per available in the respective seasons, for example Ponds, Vaseline, Nivea moisturizers on every part of the body to keep your skin soft and sparkly.

These moisturizers will protect your skin from sun. At night apply the cream nicely on the feet and wear socks to keep the toe surface spongy.


You must be sleeping on the pillow and making too many twists while sleeping. So avoid pillows as you get creases on your skin. Try to sleep on your back in order to get rid of squeezed wrinkles. At least you should have eight hours of sound sleep. You can also opt for silk pillowcases rather than the cotton covered ones.

To make your skin blush, apply coconut or almond oil on your body parts. You can use drops of coconut, olive or jojoba oil over the cheekbones, and use shimmer cream on your brow-bones to bring shine to your skin.


Everyday drink almost 2 liters of clean aqua or boiled water so that your dry skin and blackheads will be evaded. To stay away from under-eye dark circles and dark complexion drink one big cup of fruit juice daily. You can also have 2 spoons of honey or stevia for acquiring a smooth skin.

By our above beauty tips regarding skin care, you will for sure be benefited on applying them on regular basis. Rather than going for skin treatment or referring doctors, our beauty care tips for skin will be effective in your long run. So start looking after your skin without much delay!

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