4 Abdominal Exercises for Women Over 60

exercises are one of the best ways to keep fit and active and maintain proper body function. According to researchers, it is very important to follow a routine exercise regime if you want to get visible outcomes. Also, there are different exercises defined for the different parts of the body.
Exercises also differ for men and women. The severity for both of them will be different too. Along with this, the age factor is quite a big deal is deciding the right methods of exercise. For women who are above the age of 60 and are looking for the ideal abdominal exercises should check this guide below. It has the top notch ways to exercise the abdomen at such an old age without any risk factors.



One of the best abdomen exercises for women of all age, even the age of 60 and above is swimming. If you have been away from swimming for years, you can slowly pace yourself and regain the strength and stamina.

This can lead to more intense workouts in the later stages. It is one of the exercises that are beneficial for the entire body. Also, it is an effectual work out for the abdominal muscles. Along with a proper body functioning, swimming helps in toning the abs well.


Whether you actually adhere to actual biking or you plan to opt for a stationery biking workout, both are beneficial as an abdominal exercise for women even after the age of 60. Just in case you do not have the option of any of the above mentioned ways to cycle, you can easily lie on your back and bend the knees.

Now, raise the feet in such a way that it is above the ground level. Duplicate the cycling step with the legs and pedal it in the air. You can pace yourself, in a way that provides comfortable exercising regime. About 10 to 30 repetitions can be done depending upon your body health.


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Another of the abdominal exercises that works well for women over 60 are abdominal contractions. It is a safe and a simple form of workout that helps in building strength and controlling the abs. All you need to do is sit on a chair without leaning on the back of the chair.

The feet should be flat on the ground and the hands placed just below the navel. Now, face forward and take a deep breath in a way that the abdomen muscles are pulled towards the spine. This should be repeated at least 10-30 times according to the fitness level of the woman. The exercise can be repeated 2-3 times for perfect outcomes.


If you want to tone, tightening and strengthen the abdomen then the simplest of all exercises is to reach for the toes. Lie on your back and raise your legs in a 90 degree angle from the ground level in the air.

The arms should be kept behind the head. Now take a deep breath and raise yourself in a way to touch the toes along with putting pressure on the abdomen. Do not bend the knees.

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